Playing Paducah June 17, Haywire Tour

Within the world of country music is superstar JOSH TURNER and a rise to fame that even he could not have predicted. JOSH is headlining concerts through out the US and Canada on his Haywire Tour. This handsome, humble singer with a deep baritone voice who also happens to write incredible songs sells out concerts everywhere. JOSH’s sold out concert in Paducah, KY. tonight showcasing his talent let everyone see why he is the greatest country singer. Fans filled the Carson Four River Center to hear his music and it deserves to be heard. His career was started with that self-penned masterpiece Long Black Train which gave him his first big hit. And fans and audiences demand to hear LBT at every concert-tonight was no exception. JOSH has such a repertoire of hits and he shifts from songs filled with fun, romance and love to more inspirational and inspiring lyrics with ease. Among his set list tonight…he started out with Firecracker and ended with WDWJD and in between YM, Eye Candy, As Fast As I Could, Your Smile, LBT (his anthem), Haywire, Another Try, WYGWM, Me & God, IWBM, EIF, Lovin’ You On My Mind, The Answer, One Woman Man. He sang for 90minutes and during that time brought special attention to his awesome band-the Tonkin’ Honkies. Although JOSH has top billing, he has some of the finest creative talent around him in the Tonkin’ Honkies. The idea is that the sum of the talented parts creates a superlative band. Talent too frequently gets token acknowledgement or overlooked or underplayed by most headliners, but JOSH just takes the initiative and gives each band mate Jennifer, Joey, Kevin, Justin, TJ, Eamon and Jeb the spotlight. I believe it is safe to say that JOSH, alongside his band mates has made a significant imprint on country music. JOSH has so many fun stories that he shares in between songs. He said he sure has been busy with the CMA FEST, his Fan Club Party, and guest appearances on the Today Show and Tonight Show with Randy Travis. As a matter of fact he just got back from L.A. where he spent his 8th anniversary with Jay Leno and not Jennifer, but looking back at Jennifer, he said everything was good. Clay Campbell, who gives young performers an opportunity to showcase their talent at the Kentucky Opry, was the opening act. There was a little 4 year old boy who sang a Hank Williams song and played the guitar- I posted his picture, but can’t remember his name. JOSH said when he saw him backstage in that big hat; he thought little Jimmy Dickens was opening for him. One lasting memory of the Paducah show was giving 3 extra Meet & Greet passes to special people Zak, Rachael & Shawn. Another picture beside my hero JOSH TURNER, more autographed items and getting the chance to thank him personally for sharing his great voice with Kentucky this evening. After attending so many concerts, I believe JOSH has done the near-impossible in creating his own ‘musical universe’ that’s fresh and grows richer with every listen.

Sat, 2011-06-18 05:50