JOSH Packed The House-oops Casino In Anderson IN. August 5

Last night in Anderson IN. JOSH was truly great and with the Tonkin’ Honkies behind him he set the Hoosier Casino on fire with his low sexy voice. After a local Indiana boy Corey Cox warmed up the audience, it was time for the headliner JOSH TURNER whom we all came to see. I only purchased a gen ad ticket, so I didn’t have a great seat, but thanks to the miracle of Jumbotrons and great sound equipment, it felt like I was right up front. The Anderson show reflected the melting pot of fans JOSH attracts. You can bet that every lady knows all the lyrics to JOSH’s songs, but I found it remarkable last night that every man could sing all his lyrics as well. What JOSH’s show offered last night was utopia: a cool clear evening in the great outdoors with a crescent moon overhead and the one and only JOSH TURNER singing in the night. I’m sorry not to be able to give a complete set list, but I do not smoke and I was surrounded by smokers. I was sad to see that about 75% of the assemblage for the concert smoked. Anyway I missed the last few songs because I thought I would pass out and I couldn’t breathe. These are the songs I heard (F,YM, IWBAM,YS, WYGWM, H, AFAIC, MG, EIF, AOM) and for me his most beautiful song ever LBT! JOSH talked about playing basketball early that day at the high school. He also gave the local radio station an interview and he reminded the fans to tune in ABC on August 14 to watch CMA-Country’s Night To Rock. Even though I did not have a MG and my seat was not close enough for JOSH to see me, I did speak with 2 guys in his crew and told them to tell JOSH & TH that I was there. And before the show I bumped into JOSH’s road manager and also talked with Dan his merchandise man. So I’m sure he heard I was in the audience. I wish I could have told JOSH the extraordinary emotional richness I receive from his singing, but instead, I followed that crescent moon on my 6 hour drive back home thinking about all the fun times I’ve seen JOSH TURNER.

Sat, 2011-08-06 14:56