FebruaryConcerts Coming Up!

It would be a WELCOMED surprise to get any input from literate concert-goers attending the February JOSH TURNER concerts. Out of the thousands who attended his January concerts you could count on one hand the few who contributed stuff here. Any ticket holders, calling themselves JOSH TURNER fans, need to reflect on what it means to be his fan. First, appropriate fan behaviors mean sharing his concert news and spreading his latest concert images with his fandom. Second, true fans compose ‘words’ about their idol – more than a tweet saying ‘I love you JOSH’ or simply clicking a Facebook like or adding a # AWESOME, which we hear ad nauseam. Real fans articulate real sentences (with Basic English language instead of social media jib-jabs, buzz words, acronyms, which only the thumb generation gets). Fans are beautifully drawn to the talent and charisma JOSH shows in concert and ARE NOT SPEECHLESS ON THIS SITE to make comments sharing it. Does anyone know the reason or understand why so many people who attend JOSH’s concerts have a disinterest to talk about him after their concert ends? Yet, before their concert, they blab and beg on the ‘Tour’ page for JOSH to visit their city/country and ask the same questions about pre-sale tickets and MnGs-unable to follow simple directions-How Ungrateful! Yes there’s so much to say about this worldwide known country Superstar whose fan club is filled with names, but where are all his fans? Most of the registered community members notice each person in the MnG photo gallery posted after all his concerts on the ‘Home’ page. And they realize that 99% are not doing what they should be doing, if true JOSH fans, since they report back nothing after seeing a JOSH concert.

To my shock and curiosity, why has no one brought up or mentioned the Elephant in the room? Everybody saw in January that you can now win 2 fan club MnGs, even in the same month, although only 1 MnG a year per fan is allegedly allowed. Needless to say it flipped me out, especially after being DENIED my MnG request in January, seeing her ‘double MnG win’ was a stab in the back (Two Wins, Same Month…ummm,,,makes me wonder since I never won once in 2012) – HITTING MnG LOTTERY TWICE? WHAT? HOW? REALLY?! I was never advised about getting 2 MnG this year, but, I’m looking forward to my two MnG wins in 2014 like many others!

All members who constantly log in to this site looking for MnGs with JOSH, searching news about JOSH, enjoying J.OTIS pictures, reading reviews of JOSH and checking on TURNER tour information should live up to their responsibility as a wanna be fan and GIVE what they TAKE! I’d like to invite all the marginalized voices to think about adding your 2 cents celebrating JOSH TURNER and making friends in his community by adding to and starting conversations or do you just not care to shape the image of the person you sprang for real monie$ to see? I’d be happy to hear about your pleasure at a JOSH TURNER concert, plus see your pictures, especially when it relates to a positive experience, also any breaking news about J.OTIS.

And finally, to all Spammers, who stand out from the general ‘hoi polloi’ flooding JOSH’s fan club with garbage, plus running personal agendas AND BEING A MENACE ON THIS WEBSITE, I SAY TO YOU…TAKE A RIDE ON THAT LONG BLACK TRAIN!

Tue, 2014-02-04 20:55