Our weather is in the single digits tonight in KY. Glad I purchased on black Friday my JOSH TURNER cap to keep my head warm during this bitter cold. I’m sure there are many JOSH TURNER fans that are fans of the television show ‘Nashville’. This week they were filming in Franklin, TN close to JOSH’s home. A friend of mine got to visit the set and met Rena James and others. I wish they’d put JOSH in a few episodes. The chubby American Idol first winner, can’t think of her name is coming on the show in January. Juliette Barnes is my favorite and I’d really like to see JOSH not playing himself but cast ‘against type’ and play her romantic love interest for a few series. He may not want to play a character like that, but I’m sure he watches the show and it certainly has some characters! What a cliffhanger tonight!

Thu, 2013-12-12 01:07