One Little Comment- "Long Black Train" Live

My family and I had an AWESOME time and made great memories from Josh's concert last Saturday 8/9/2014 in Malone, NY! The only thing that I wish he would have done differently was in his performance of "Long Black Train". To me, one of the things that Josh is known and famous for is his incredible voice and those LOW notes. I literally get chills when his voice hits those in particular. The most memorable one is always in "Long Black Train" at the very end. Well.... Josh was getting the crowd pumped.. then he said "sing it with me". That was cool! Though he himself did not sing into the mic so fans could hear HIM. :( Maybe it is just me being too particular but in my opinion, it is HIS song. I think he should have OWNED it and let us hear his amazing voice range! I am by far NOT complain though, just sharing a comment. :)

Tue, 2014-08-12 12:21