Had a wonderful meet and greet with Josh at the Redding concert. Learned some interesting and intriguing information when I talked to Josh about the duet he recorded with Randy Travis, along with some other juicy tidbits. The concert itself was very interesting and I am sure there will be some headlining news that comes out soon about that particular show. I was honored to be mentioned by Josh from the stage, during one of his "talks" as "The lady I talked to earlier at the meet and greet, who drove over 9 hours to be here", although he did mentioned he traveled a little further than I did to get there. He was amused to be handed a bright yellow Happy Face button from someone in the audience during one song, and later said that no one had ever given him a Happy Face button before and he was keeping it, but almost put it in his pant pocket and thought better of doing that since he might end up singing like Vince Gill after he sat on it. Josh also mentioned someone reminding him that Lassen National Park was really close to Redding and the person had written out the directions of how to get there with MapQuest-type of instructions and also reminded him that it WAS IN CALIFORNIA. He then told the story of his problems with that question and several other questions from his appearance on "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" and said he knew that he couldn't get any game show money answering the question right after five attempts, but he tried to make some new rules for the game. The set list was changed around a bit, big entrance with smoke and flashing lights and Josh appearing coming down steps from the back curtain to "Firecracker". "Your Smile" was added to the performance, and I think there was a last minute change of how the show ended that was adapted just for the Redding audience. I hope Josh and the band had a good show in Stockton last night and will have another good show on Sunday in Indio at the Stagecoach Festival, so that coming to the "golden state" is a good experience for all.

Sat, 2011-04-30 16:45