Where To Look For The Best and Most Reasonable Vinyl Records Online?

Vinyl is fashionable again and the easy availability of the records on the Internet is only fuelling this popularity. If you are new to this phenomenon, you will understandably start with Google. But while a Google search can give you a list of online record stores to look at, it wouldn’t be of much help if they are all the same to you. You are better off doing prior research to determine the better places to shop at. Following are some ideas for you to expand your search in order to find the best and most reasonable vinyl record deals on the Internet.

1) Amazon

This website is the natural starting point for many, and rightly so. It has a dedicated vinyl store where you can find an endless number of options combined with excellent deals. Their genre- and singer-based classification makes searching very easy and given the reputation of Amazon you are guaranteed a satisfactory shopping experience.

2) Online forums

They are good places for suggestions and ideas about where to look for vinyl records, old as well as new. You may also receive recommendations for tracks you may have never heard of. The enthusiasts that you encounter on forums will have had experience of dealing with many online stores and they will be more than willing to share their experience with you. Considering that the big online forums have membership in thousands, you are looking at a rich and knowledgeable base for reviews, recommendations, and ideas.

3) Ebay

You have searched and searched your favourite online stores but there are still certain records that you cannot find. This state of affairs is not that unusual, especially if you are looking for out-of-print records. Have you tried ebay yet? If there is something you can’t find anywhere, you are almost guaranteed to find it here. I’ve found on it dance vinyl records from the 60’s, something I couldn’t find anywhere else. This website puts you in touch with people from around the world, which considerably increases your chances of finding someone who may have put on sale just what you want.

4) Ask a struggling DJ

Get in touch with small-time or aspiring DJs to see where they get their records from. They will most probably give you the best suggestions, and since they haven’t broken onto the big scene yet they would not have a vested interest in pointing you to labels or stores they may be promoting. You should get some honest answers.

The above are a few ideas for you to get started. The online record scene in the UK is busy and getting bigger by the day. Almost all the stores claim to be the ‘best” or “leading” in some way or the other. To cut through the confusion you may have to look around for the best deal but with the ideas mentioned above, you shouldn’t go wrong.

Mon, 2013-07-01 02:20