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Here is a link to the video for "Alligator Stroll". I'm not sure how long it will be up. My books arrived today and I just love it. This truly is "for ages one through older than dirt". I will enjoy it and believe everyone I give a copy to will, also. I'm so happy that Josh is included in a book of this fine quality.

Wed, 2013-09-04 16:36

Thanks for posting this link

Thanks for posting this link Njoyit. I've been listening to it on You Tube an awful lot and I just love this song(Alligator Stroll) Very much!! I can't wait to buy it so I can have a copy for myself. Josh's voice is so amazing on this song too!!
(as always). Debbie.

Njoyjt just love it

Njoyjt just love it (Alligator Stroll video) ….cute kids (they were excellent) and they usually upstage, however, not this time. JOSH TURNER is handsome as always, singing a song which fits him perfectly, and the outdoor effects are spectacular with the backing by Michael Ford, Victor Krauss and Kenny Vaughan. Great job filming this video by Kaleidoscope Pictures and all involved with this project.

Check out some pics from AS video under ‘Photos’

The video is no longer

The video is no longer available. It was only up for previewing and had been there awhile before discovered. According to Sandra Boynton it will be released this fall. Sure hope so because it is special. Happy we got to see it.

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