"Alligator Stroll" is so cute!

Just love the "Alligator Stroll" -- you hear it just once and it stays with you. It's a fun, catchy tune and fits Josh so well. Bet his boys love it too! He mentions the '75 teeth' in the song and when you see Josh smile it seems he's got about 75 white teeth!! lol! Hope we get to hear you sing it in person, Josh! Libby and I will see you in Salamanca, NY--watch for us! Nancy from PA

Thu, 2013-08-29 09:14

Yes, Nancy from Pa. It sure

Yes, Nancy from Pa. It sure is a great song!! I heard it yesterday
for the first time and I could'nt stop listening to it!
Infact, I,m going to listen to it again soon. He sounds so adorable when he sings it too! I too bet his kids love it too!
I hope you all enjoy the concert on the 8th in upstate N.Y.

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